“When Jane walks into a rehearsal room it’s not long before the room is rocking – with shared laughter and heart-lifting music.  She is an inspired and charismatic choirleader who has the rare knack of helping singers to believe in themselves.”

Dave Machell, Musical Director, Soundswell

I currently lead two community choirs – MySight Choir and Soundswell Community Choir.  You can find out information about them, including how to join, via the dropdown menu.

All of the choirs I work with are open to all – there are no auditions and no need to have any previous experience or be able to read music – just a love of singing! I lead in an informal style, and aim to make it fun and accessible to everyone, while striving for the best sound we can make.  I love that goosebump feeling that everyone, including me, gets when we get it spot on – there’s no feeling like it!

“What a journey this has been. The success of the choir can be measured in its continued popularity and the high demand we find ourselves in. Our ethos is to ‘get out there’ and share our music, which we do all the time. To say that this has been a life changing experience for the choir members is not an exaggeration. Life would just not be the same without it.”

Jeanne Roberts, Arts Officer, My Sight Nottinghamshire